About F.I.N.A

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The Argentine Naval Industry Federation (F.I.N.A.) became as an association of fact in 1962, by will of two existing associations: the Union of Shipbuilders (U.C.N) and the Argentine Association of Shipyards and Naval Workshops (A.A.T.N.A.), being the President at that time Mr Emilio Califano.


It wasn´t until April 30th 1964, that the Constitutive Act was signed, with the purpose of gathering within the Group all the business entities related with the shipbuilding, ship repairing, and the auxiliary industry.


The aim was to promote the development, protection and encouragement of the naval industry, as well as to protect its interests.


On March 22nd 1967, the Justice Bureau of State, gave to the new Institution the legal solicitorship, through the Resolution P.J. 290 and approved the Social Statute, which is in force up to now.


The first formal Board of Directors was chaired by Ing Antonio Marín as President and Ing Raúl Aleman as Vice President.


At different times since it was set up, many entities have been part of the Federation: The Argentine Factories of Internal Combustion Motors Association, the Argentine Chamber of Naval Industry (C.I.N.A.), the Naval Industries Association, the Argentine Chamber of Light Boats Builders (C.A.C.E.L.), the Argentine Chamber of Naval Industry of Mar del Plata (C.I.N.M.d.P.), Río Santiago Shipyard (A.R.S.), the Naval Industry Providers (CAPINAVAL), the Argentine Nava Industrial Chamber (C.I.N.A.R.), Tandanor Shipyard, the Argentine Naval Industry Chamber of Santa Fe (C.A.S.I.N.) and the Argentine Association of Naval Engineering (A.A.I.N.).


FINA also integrates the Argentine Industry Union (U.I.A.) since 1966, having been in its Executive Board during several periods. It is also part of the Argentine Navy League (L.N.A.), as a member of its Steering Committee. It is a member as well in the Advisory Councils of the Argentine Coastguard (P.N.A.) and in the National Department of Ports and Sailing Roads (S.S.P. y V.N.).